Are You Unsure About Security Tokens? Well, Don’t Be!

A few weeks ago, we ran a poll seeking to find out from our community why they have not bought TIRC. We learned that 35.3 percent of the voters were undertaking a wait-and-see approach before making a decision. For that reason, this article aims to convince all investors that our security token is a worthy purchase.

The poll

Skeptic Much?

To think that many people were skeptical about the potential of the internet is laughable. For instance, Newsweek published in 1995 a piece that guaranteed the internet could not replace a newspaper or a competent teacher. Moreover, Robert Metcalfe, the co-inventor of Ethernet, predicted that the internet would collapse in 1996. However, these predictions were wrong. They indicate man’s reluctance to embrace change.

The skeptics were afraid of the unknown invention called the World Wide Web. They did not want to believe that it was possible to share information worldwide. Afraid of what it would mean, they found it easier to resist rather than to accept it.

In the 21st century, history is repeating itself with the invention of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. The pessimists are broadcasting their fear all over social media, calling bitcoin a bubble and a scam. They do not want change. Heck, from our point of view, their fear is driving their skepticism.

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From the internet example above, the doubting Thomases were wrong in the last century. So, are they wrong in this century too? Are we, the optimists, insane to believe in these technologies?

Yes, they are.

NO, we are not!

An example of a skeptic’s post on social media

The reason we are not still living in caves and recording information on rocks is because human beings over the centuries have taken risks and embraced innovation. Without taking risks, the human race cannot evolve.

Risk-Takers Win

In today’s technology-centered world, those that are fearless to innovate and adopt innovation are more likely to succeed. Therefore, as you apply a wait-and-see approach as an organization, government, or individual, you could be missing out on an opportunity to become a leader in the blockchain industry.

Think about it. A wait-and-see approach only means you are waiting for others to take the risk, and based on the outcome, you will decide what to do. In a deadly jungle, this technique might make sense. But not in the tech world. That is because early adopters are more likely to earn massive gains than those who adopt later.

For example, those that risked buying a lot of bitcoin when it had no value are now millionaires. This is proof that getting there first is not always a bad thing. In fact, it could positively change your life forever.

So, what are we saying?

  • Be open to taking risks. Technology is not your enemy.
  • The risks you take should be informed by facts. Always do your research.
  • Do not rely on others to help you make your decision. Using the onecoin scam as a reference, you should not buy into something just because everyone else is doing it. Also, remember that the crypto space is still young, and no one is exactly an expert yet. Therefore, be cautious of “expert” opinions. You never know what someone’s agenda is, iterating the importance of doing your own research.
  • Technology is not perfect. Do not judge it for its drawbacks because the solutions are only a few years away. Note that once a technological change begins, there is no going back. There is no collapse. FORWARD is the only direction to go!

Understanding the Tinaga Project

Assuming that we have convinced you to leave the cynics’ camp and join the risk-takers’ side, we will tell you why Tinaga is a solid project.

  1. The security token, TIRC, is real. We have used the Ravencoin blockchain to create it. We would not have the support of the Ravencoin developer, Tron Black if our token was not legit. Also, here is an article where he mentions our project.
  2. TIRC buyers are receiving their tokens.
  3. TIRC represents a real-world asset. The title deed and site map are available on our website.
  4. We have a clear project roadmap on our website. The purpose of the security token offering has been stated several times. The income sources for token holders are also straightforward.
  5. Tinaga Resorts Corporation is a real company registered in the Philippines. The certificate of registration is also on the website.
  6. We have published the Bamboo Paper, which goes into detail about our project. For instance, if you have questions about the project goals, financial plan, and action plan, you will find the answers in this paper.
  7. The property on which we will build the eco-luxury resort is not the only beach lot that Tinaga Resorts Corporation owns. The valuation report detailing all the properties we own is available on request. Moreover, the valuation report of the tokenized property is accessible on our site.
  8. We have a Telegram group where anyone can challenge the information we have presented. What is more, we encourage our community members to ask questions.
  9. The bios of the main team working on the Tinaga project are on the website for your review.
  10. All the images on our website are an accurate representation of our property.
  11. On our medium account, we have published educational content. Interested investors can learn about security tokens, security token offerings, and our project.
  12. Our CEO, Daniel McKinney, is also working on other tokenization projects. He owns several other valuable assets and is a huge blockchain enthusiast.
  13. Buyers have to undergo a KYC process before purchasing our token.
  14. We observe US regulations with regards to security tokens. Consequently, we have highlighted the requirements that US investors should comply with before buying TIRC.
  15. Token holders can trade TIRC once we list it on the first exchange.
  16. We provide buyers with a subscription agreement, which they should read before purchasing TIRC.
  17. If we do not sell all our allocated tokens during the token sale, we will consider using institutions like investment banks. Additionally, we will proceed with the token exchange listing.
  18. Our CEO was interviewed on the FullyCrypto podcast, where you can learn how this project came to be, among other things. More podcasts are in the pipeline.
  19. Our STO is the first of its kind. As a result, we want others to use our project as a case study that illustrates tokenized real estate is possible and it can succeed.

Hey, What Are You Waiting for?

Therefore, the question to you is: what are you waiting for? We have laid the facts here for you. Furthermore, all the information you need to make a decision is available for your review. We are also easily reachable via Telegram, Twitter, and

Keep in mind that we are not just asking you to believe in our token. We are also telling you why you should believe in it. Security tokens will change how people own assets and how organizations raise funds. Just like the internet has become the norm, so will security tokens.

By investing in security tokens now, you are winning the race before it even begins. That is because a day will come when everyone will be rushing to invest in security tokens. FOMO temperatures will be high, and there will probably not be enough tokens to go around. Prices will also be elevated, and a lot of people will wish they had invested sooner.

In this day and age, survival is not for the fittest. It is for the early adopters! And guess what? They will not only overcome tough economic times and censorship but also thrive.

Put a Stop to The Wait! Buy Now!

Yeah, yeah. We know you are now excited to buy TIRC. Here is what you should know:

  • Visit our website and click “Buy Now” to buy TIRC. You can use our article if you need guidance.
  • The minimum purchase amount is $500.
  • The cost of 1 token is $0.1 until the pre-sale is sold out.
  • You can buy tokens with USD, BTC, and ETH.
  • To store your TIRC tokens, you will need a Ravencoin wallet.
  • We will send your tokens 2 weeks after purchase.
  • You can be the fortunate investor that grabs the privilege below. You simply have to be one of the first 5 people to buy 100,000 or 500,000 TIRC tokens.

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