TIRC token owners have the privilege to buy the Millennium Sapphire token (MSTO) via the ongoing exclusive pre-sale. To learn more about this opportunity, keep reading.

Millennium Sapphire with Lapis Prototype

What is the Millennium Sapphire?

The Millennium Sapphire is a 27-pound (12.3kgs) blue carved sapphire that pays tribute to the achievements of humankind over the last 5000 years. …

The year is still relatively new. This offers an opportunity to breathe new life into your investment portfolio or consider non-traditional options. In this article, you will learn about the top five investments in 2021.

Image source smartcrowd.ae

Increase Your Cash Reserves

Increasing your cash reserves is not advice you will often here from financial experts. That…

Real estate investment is a universal method of creating wealth for a reason. In this guide, you will discover seven reasons to invest in real estate.

Image Source 5archfunding.com

Reasons to Invest in Real Estate

Compared to stock market investment, income-generating real estate has the potential to cover your expenses after retirement indefinitely. Financial planners use the 25 times…

The Tinaga Resort token sale is ongoing. As the pre-sale deadline closes in, we would like to encourage old and new investors to keep buying TIRC. If you have any questions about the project or token, you will find the answers here.



We want to build a 5-star luxury eco-resort…

Tinaga Island Resort

Blockchain project with an upcoming Security Token Offering. For more info, visit http://tinagaislandresort.com #blockchain #tokenization #cryptocurrencies

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